Day of Inventory -Expectations

What to Expect On Inventory Day

Your inventory team will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the designated start time. The supervisor and point of contact will review the pharmacy areas and assign the section numbers (example: IV Room – Section 1, EENT – Section 2, etc.). Team members are then assigned to the sections and proceed entering the NDC number and quantity of the products into a handheld Android device. When all sections are complete, the Android devices are uploaded into a laptop and the information is transmitted to our office. Our team of analysts then processes the field collected data and applies the pricing according to your GPO/wholesaler contract along with pricing for items purchased outside of your wholesaler (FFF, CAPS, Pharmedium, etc). The inventory data is then finalized and an electronic file in Excel format is provided via email. After your review and approval, the hard copy report and certification letter of the inventory is shipped UPS.


There are multiple methods for performing an audit. The most common is to have our team provide a PDF Audit Trail Report. A separate report for each individual counter, sorted by section, that lists the NDC number, drug name and quantity in the order it was counted (left to right, top to bottom). The Audit Trail Report ensures our team’s accuracy and eliminates unwanted errors prior to the team’s departure.